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Jacks, Jobbers and Kings:
Logging the Adirondacks: 1850 - 1950

by Peter C. Welsh
204 pages - Photos - Illus. - Hard Cover

Jacks, Jobbers and Kings is a history of logging that began on the edges of the Adirondack Mountains and worked its way into the core of the wilderness by 1850. "By mid-century, the techniques of logging had become fairly standardized; it was an occupation marked by arduous physical exertion with tools little changed from medieval times and with men - using felling axes and saws - and animals providing most of the power."

About 1954 logging had thrown off most of its dated ways. Modern improvements brought great changes to the logging industry. Welsh's book is a story told by those who practiced it - owners of logging companies, lumberjacks, sky pilots and more.

The remote lumber camps are gone but not forgotten. Hunters, backpackers and bushwhackers oftentimes chance upon the old clearings. Artifacts from days-gone-by are easily visible. This collection has become a must have primary source of information of interesting knowledge.

Product Details
ISBN-13: 9780925168474
Format: Paperback, 204 pages
Publisher: North Country Books
Temporarilay out of print

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Camp 7, Ice Cave Mountain. Adirondacks, 1920s

First Person

Dramatic change has occurred in the Adirondack logging industry. The dirt roads are gone, lumberjacks do not live in remote camps, and no longer are woods workers isolated or sheltered from the blight of urban life. Machines - the truck, the chainsaw, the tractor and the loader - have eased the workday routine. Radio, television, telephones, shopping centers and super-highways have, after more than one hundred and fifty years, made the lumberjack an industrial worker who has exchanged his stocking cap for a hard hat.

- Peter C. Welsh

Linn Tractor hauling logs from Camp 7 to the banking grounds on the south branch of the Moose River.

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